SH48 – Software keyboard


SH48 – Software keyboard is the web-based software keyboard (calling unit) of the Q-net Pro queue management system in version 6, offering much more features than its predecessor SH24/SH28.

SH48 can be reached from any clerk PC or thin client within the same TCP/IP network on a web browser.

The most important features of the SH48 web-based keyboard:

  • Manipulating the tickets (call, repeatedly call, redirect, put on waiting list, declare missing client, add a new transaction, define current status and declare the reason for log out, generate a ticket if the customer failed to do so, etc)
  •  It doesn’t need installation
  •  Platform free
  •  Easy to develop and introduce new features (comparing to the hardware keyboard (KC03) on which new buttons cannot be expected)
  • Lower price than the same of KC03
  •  More info appears on its surface (including the personal data of the customer who has identified himself on the ticket dispenser at arrival)
  •  Chat and comment (attached to a ticket number) available between the clerks
  • Option to start a new transaction with the same ticket if new activity became necessary
  • Alarm to the manager in special cases
  •  Dashboard about his performance of the day
  •  Direct call of a ticket number