Q-net Pro Customer message (SMS) module SH51

There are many events, which can trigger SMS sending. Like SMS can be sent for the manager, e.g. in case there are many waiting clients for a special service. But those are included in SH40 main software module. SH51 is a special „Rule”, which sends SMS only for the clients, not for the employees/managers. Therefore it is set up under the “Rules”.

These three events trigger to send SMS for the clients:

  1.  New virtual ticket (when the client enters his phone number on the ticket dispenser surface and asking for virtual ticket rather than printing a regular one.
  2. Calling of an identified client expected after …. It means, you can set up either how many minutes before the actual call should the system send warning SMS for the client or how many clients before the SMS should be sent.
  3. Calling client this is an option to send another SMS when the actual call happens.

In case the client doesn’t have licence for the SH51, these three options remains grey, can’t be choosen.

SH51 (1)