Q-net Pro appointment module SH42

Certain offices, institutions, hospitals offer appointment solutions to their customers. The customers can select the branch / date / service dedicated for them with phone calls, personally or on the website of the end user or even as part of the smart phone app of the end user (if any).

It is also possible to make reservation by the teller herself. The appointment module will alert the customer before a configurable time period that the appointment date is coming by SMS sending.

His name, email address and/or phone number is required, only one appointment can be fixed at once. A 4 or more digits code is sent in a confirming email (it has to be answered for activation), which has to be entered onto the touch screen ticket dispenser when the date arrives.

At the start of requesting the appointment making process the customers can have an info about the current waiting time situation in the close-by branches therefore they can join the queue and arrange their needed transaction immediately without using the appointment.