Q-net Basic system

In an environment where either there is only one service available or all services are served at any of the counters, Q-net Basic system means not only the best, but also the cheapest solution for optimizing waiting periods and developing a most comfortable and efficient service.

Most important features:

Stand-alone system
The Q-net Basic queue management system neither needs a PC, nor a system administrator surveillance.

User-friendly elements
Simple and easy-to-use design of all the elements helps to achieve a quick and efficient administration.

Ticket dispenser- the soul of the system
The system and all the hardware elements (keyboards, displays, ticket dispenser) are managed by a miniPc placed in the ticket dispenser.

Further details

  • Stand alone system
  • Easy to install and operate (call and close)
  • Budget-friendly solution
  • Arabic mode is available
  • Ticket layout editor
  • Ticket number intervals
  • Up to 7 services on the ticket dispenser
  • Dispenser layout design options
  • LCD TV Layout design options
  • Statistics available


  • Clerks can’t forward clients from one counter to other counter
  • Up to 16 counters only

Statistics (optional)


Ticket Dispensers:

Waiting Area Displays:

Counter Displays:


Other and optional elements: