Q-net Basic system

In an environment where either there is only one service available or all services are served at any of the counters, Q-net Basic system means not only the best, but also the cheapest solution for optimizing waiting periods and developing a most comfortable and efficient service.

Most important features:

Stand-alone system
The Q-net Basic queue management system neither needs a PC, nor a system administrator surveillance.

User-friendly elements
Simple and easy-to-use design of all the elements helps to achieve a quick and efficient administration.

Ticket dispenser- the soul of the system
The system and all the hardware elements (keyboards, displays, ticket dispenser) are managed by a controlling unit placed in the ticket dispenser.

Statistics (optional)

A memory modul can collect the data about the workflow of the system, which should be downloaded to a PC, on which the statistical software is running. All the important statistical details can be seen here about the arranging time of the task by counters, work time of the clerks, number of customer per days, weeks, months, etc. This is an extremely important help for the manager to (re)organize the work.

Q-net Basic can handle upto

  • 16 counters
  • 16 counter displays
  • 16 (2×8) waiting area displays
  • 1 ticket dispenser

Further details

  • Keyboards are compatible with the one of Q-net Basic Plus
  • All the displays are compatible with each other
  • Thermal paper roll: 2 inch, diameter: 50 mm (for cca 800 tickets)
  • Provides automatic client call options
  • Transferring of the customer to another counter is not available
  • Repeated call is possible

Ticket Dispensers:

Waiting Area Displays:

Counter Displays:


Other and optional elements: