Iris 5

Infrared, Ultraviolet and 3D banknote examining equipment IRIS infrared, ultraviolet and 3D examining equipment can be used for examining of valuables and banknotes in range of ultraviolet to infrared. Multispecial (IR, UV, 3D) Portable and exquisite Accurate detection Easy to operate Touch keys for durability Multi light source and angle IR: 850nm IV light: 365nm[…]

VacPac (Vacuum Packing Machine)

The main advantages of vacuum packing banknotes are to store and carry banknotes monitorable and securely. VacPac equipment consists of two, separately operable equipment. m-pack (VP01) automatic banknote pressing machine v-pack (VP02) automatic chamber vacuum packaging machine The units can be ordered separately, or built-into a rolling table (VP03) as well. This way it matches[…]