Q-net Pro Main module SH40

The SH40 software contains the main system logic of the Q-net Pro covering every possible feature and requirement an end user might imagine.

It was developed based on central server architecture. Because of the modern technologies used, the system is robust, scalable and platform independent. Supports multiple database engines (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, H2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.), all user interfaces are web-based and multilingual. An API interface is provided for integration with 3rd party applications. The system is capable to authenticate the users by LDAP protocol.

The main software features are:

  • Central server, central management, central branch network administration
  • Various database types are supported
  • Web-based interfaces
  • Flexible (optional) software modules
  • Multilingual operation for the customers and users
  • Calling the customer via voice files or sound signal
  • Customers can be called repeatedly, forwarded to another service or counter, put on waiting list
  • Clerks can send chats to each other through the web-based software keyboard, comments can be attached to tickets
  • Direct call option
  • Logout / status / closing codes can be used for more precise statistics
  • Unlimited services on one ticket
  • Unlimited ticket dispensers, counters, displays in one system

This core software can be extended with several optional software modules:

  • SH36 – waiting area visualization
  • SH37 – voice recording
  • SH41 – statistics and monitoring
  • SH42 – web-based appointment
  • SH43 – alert using SMS-s and e-mail messages
  • SH44 – desktop ticket dispenser to be used with POS thermal printer
  • SH45 – customer feedback software
  • SH46 – web-based media display software