Q-net Pro Voice recording solution

soundwave2 For all companies having extensive network of branches the operation, the quality assurance, the continuous and decent control and measurement of the staff’s work quality often means considerable challenge. Efficiency evaluation and proper reporting of tasks and activities in a branch towards management are remarkably complicated.

Our solution used at customer service points offers a rather efficient support in this highly important field by preparing digital audio records about every transaction that can be evaluated later for customer service quality control, education, complains, etc., on the other hand it helps to improve sales efficiency.

The Voice recording unit (microphone) should be installed at every counter wherever the Q-net Pro queue management system is used. When the clerk calls the next customer in the queue management system the solution starts to record the sound signal that is coming from the microphone. The record is finished when the transaction is over.


The voice recording solution logs recording details to an SQL database. Unlimited number of audio channels (microphones) can be recorded simultaneously on one computer.

Records are automatically compressed in an mp3 file and can be searched by date, time, clerk, ticket number or other data using standard web browsers without requiring additional software installed on individual user computers.

The authenticated user will listen the file on his web browser after finding the right record. As a full web-based solution the user can be anywhere within the LAN

The record files preservation time can be configured after which it is not possible to reach any records (in compliance with different legislative restrictions).

As a further step we have integrated queue management system, voice recording solution and customer feedback to get full information about the quality level of work of every clerk. See the Top Level Integration (TLI) pdf file about this solution.soundwavelong