VacPac (Vacuum Packing Machine)

The main advantages of vacuum packing banknotes are to store and carry banknotes monitorable and securely.

VacPac equipment consists of two, separately operable equipment.

  • m-pack (VP01) automatic banknote pressing machine
  • v-pack (VP02) automatic chamber vacuum packaging machine

The units can be ordered separately, or built-into a rolling table (VP03) as well. This way it matches in sitting and standing workplaces as well.

Short operational guide

The procedure starts with the m-pack automatic banknote pressing machine. The operator places the banknote bundle into the pressing clamps, then pressing the two „press” buttons at the same time (due to safety reasons) the motor-driven pressing starts, the bundle compresses. After placing the bag onto the squeezed bundle and pressing the push button, a motor-driven blade pushes the bundle into the bag.

After this step the operator places the bag containing the bundle into the v-pack packaging machine, covers the lid, and the sealed banknote block will reach completion automatically.


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