SD20 Q-net Pro Communication box

The Q-net Pro system controls the hardware elements (keyboards, LED displays) with the help of SD01 orSD20 communication card.

The SD20 communication device is connected to the LAN and controls the Q-net devices on its two RS485 ports. This way the cabling can be easier as not necessary to make the cabling from the server PC. One SD20 can control 64 devices (32 on one port). With the help of multiple SD20 boxes is it possible to handle unlimited number of Q-net displays and keyboards.

The hardware elements are connected to the ports of the device through OE01 distributors, by UTP CAT5 cable, RJ12 connectors.


  • One LAN connector
  • Two RS485 ports
  • Can handle up to 32 devices on each port (altogether 64 devices)
  • Supports DHCP and static IP
  • (Network settings can be configured on built in LCD with the help of 4 menu buttons or via Internet browser)



Other Pro System elements: