The DC55 waiting area display shows summarized information about ticket numbers and counters. The first three character of the five character waiting area displays are showing the number of the ticket that has been called, the following two characters are the number of the counter waiting for the customer.

Displays are available in up to three lines:

  • Codenumber for the 2-line display: DC65
  • Codenumber for the 3-line display: DC75

In case of more than one line of display, at calling the next customer, the information of the last customer will jump a line lower, while the top line with the actual call is blinking.

The colour of the display digits is red.

The DCxx displays can be installed in Q-net Basic, Basic Plus and Pro systems.

The waiting area display is blinking for around ten seconds after the call
(The blinking time can beadjusted in the Q-net software).

DC55 is also available with dot matrix displays for Arabic numbers
(DC56, see there).

The DCXX displays are fitting to ticket dispensers in the same design style.
(TC10, TC16…)

Technical details:

  • Size of 1 character: 70 x 100 mm
  • 7 segment
  • Red LEDs
  • Up to three display lines


  • Height: 196 mm
  • Width: 670 mm
  • Depth: 50 mm

Power requirements: 12V DC, max 1.2A (each line)