To help the customer’s orientation the counter displays can be mounted above or beside the counters, optionally stainless steel tube (OB01-C04G04 = 100 cm long or OB01-C04G00 = 50 cm long) can be used to fix it onto the table or on the ceiling.

The display consists of three digits (57mm, seven segment units); the color of the display is bright red.

  • At calling, the ticket number is blinking e.g.: for 30 seconds (blinking time can be adjusted in the Q-net software) on the display.
  • The number is shown on the display as long as the CLOSE button on the calling unit has been pushed.
  • Optionally, a five-character counter display (DG05) can be chosen as well in which the additional two characters in green will constantly show the number of the counter as long as the clerk is logged in.
  • The DG01 display is available for Q-net Basic, Basic Plus and Pro systems.
  • The DGXX displays are fitting to ticket dispensers in the same design style. (TC10, TC16, TG02, TG03,TG10, TG13,TG14)

Technical details:

  • Size of 1 character: 40 x 57 mm
  • 7 segment
  • Red and green LEDs
  • Up to four display lines


  • Height: 160 mm
  • Width: 174 mm
  • Depth: 50 mm

Power requirements: 12V DC, max 0.6A