Ticket dispenser, touch screen, 7″ LCD, desktop or wall-mounted, Pro


The “portrait-oriented” 7-inch LCD enables to display up to 6 service (group) buttons in one page, plus 3 language buttons to choose from.

Pressing a service group button will show the next menu level with up to 6 buttons, which can be used for services or further service groups.

With the help of this unique menu structure TA07 is capable to display unlimited number of services/services.

It is equipped with a high speed (220 mm/s) 2 inch thermal printer, and a mini PC. 24V/5A external power unit is required for the operation.


  • Lenght:  368 mm,
  • Width:  140 mm,
  • Height:  128,5 mm,

Power requirement: ~230V/50Hz