There are queue management system endusers, who do not request special features from a ticket dispenser, they need only the traditional „push the button and take the ticket” feature, therefore we created them TG17, the new push button ticket dispenser of Q-net Pro.
This low cost, very reliable ticket dispenser is based on the design of TG02 serving up to five services. On the new ticket dispenser green LED-s show the currently available buttons.

Main features:

• 5 buttons
• 2-inch high speed thermal printer using a regular thermal paper
• Active buttons marked with LED
• Ethernet connection to the server PC
• Several TG17-s can be installed in the same queue management system
• Paper low detection with alert system


Height: 1 300 mm
Width: 120 mm
Depth: 250 mm

Power requirement: ~230V/50Hz